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We deal with all type of minerals and hydrocarbons resources ranging from diamond, gold, gas and petroleum, to coltan,Copper cathode, including zinc, cobalt and bronze,and many more.

Our Services

We focus on providing customized commodities consultancy, strategy and advise according to each client's specific requirements.This includes independent research, counselling on market access opportunities, due to diligence and reviewing company market strategies.Briefly, we provide general information within the mining sectors in DR Congo.

Precious Metal Minerals

Name them all we are able to harvest and deliver to you a wide range of minerals fresh from the earth, mined out processed or unprocessed.

Oil and Gas

The congolese shores have a lot of companies that are sailing on its rich coast and provide with oil and gas or oceanic minerals and we partner up with them to serve you.


We have a capacity to deliver other minerals like coltan , cobalt, diamond and many more. From the richest congolese ground

Other services

And as a corporate company based in South Africa we assisst as well with many more services that requires a franco-english help we are there for you.

About US

Let Us intoduce you a bit to our background and our Congolese start up.

What makes us different from our competitors is our reliability, speed and trust that we build with the clients.

Super Technology

Our Partners makes use of the newest Advance Technological devices to harvest the minerals.

Live Support

We have access to a 24/7 live support from our offices always there to assisst with your needs.

fast Delivery

We have partnered up with one of the top companies in logistics to deliver your products as fast and secure as possible


We have as well help from multiple testing centers to ensure of the quality of the mineral delivered to you.

With our offices based in both Johannesburg and our branches in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Abiba Trading was launched in 2017 with the sole objective of being one of the leading agency in mining and minerals resources sectors.

Abiba Trading had foresight the necessity to be the link between minerals buyers and sellers, and to provide services that are adjusted to our clients base. At Abiba Trading we understood that one of the keys to obtain high-quality products and services is for us and our customers to work with suppliers in a partnering atmosphere.

Abiba Trading is proudly black owned and directed by Mr Christian Kayombo residing in South Africa, who is one of the well researched spokerson in the world of mining, in both congo And other countries in Africa ; and with an advantage of been multilingual.

Super Technology

The machinery used from Ground extraction to the finish product delivered to you is a highly costly invested new technology that enables us to conduct the work with constraint.

Live Support

Our 24/7 messaging line from our website below helps you to be in direct contact with our offices .

fast Delivery

We move like a rocket and make sure your shipment of goods arrive safely to its destination with a follow up from our consultant.

Speed Marketing

We are currently boosting our maketing performances to help countries all over the world to be well connected in the world of mining without language Barrier.

Why Choose Us?

We are well known for our ability to communicate with suppliers from all over the world in their languages , our reliability and our on growing clientele network and mostly our direct connection to the mines.

100 Mines

More than 500 Clients

More Than 100K Mineral delivered

24/7 Support

Our Testimonials

Our Portfolio

This a close view on the ground works that happens at the mines and the minerals we bring to the world.

World Domination!

We have rendered the world with the fines minerals delivery and we have a record showing how good and professional we are at work ,and we work closely with the congolese government and other authorities.


Projects Completed

123300 Tons


more than 300

Global Clients


World Domination

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We have a whole network of people connected all over the world , but feel free to contact our offices .

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South Africa,Office Location

9th Floor, Space Atrium, 5th Avenue,Sandton, Johannesburg.

DR Congo,Office Location

32 Kimbangu Corner Kapenda, Makutano,Lubumbashi, Haut Katanga.

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info@abibatrading.com, admin@abibatrading.com


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